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Kim Thompson

Dr Mc Guire was amaaaaazing with my husband's injury at work. He operated 3 days later and we can look back with greatful hearts.

May God bless you and enlarge your territory doc.

Laurence Lasersohn

Thank you Dr McGuire for your tremendous skill in performing my operation. Your talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession. G-d bless you!

Warm regards

Cirkine Coetsee

Thank you for ensuring my recent operation was a great success. I regained the use of my arm very quickly after the surgery and hardly felt any pain. Being so frightened before the consultation, your calm demeanour put me right at ease. It’s good to know that there are such excellent orthopaedic surgeons in our country.

Margarethe Visser

I had a very badly broken wrist sustained while mountain biking on a Saturday morning. Dr McGuire was the only wrist specialist that I could get hold of in just about the whole of Cape Town that could operate on my wrist the next day. He did an excellent job, despite the fact that it was a bad break. Six months later, my wrist is right as rain with only a small, snake-shaped scare left as evidence of my misfortune.

Belinda Egesdal

Dr McGuire performed surgery on my fractured right wrist in April 2016. Upon arriving back in the USA, I consulted a top orthopaedic surgeon before continuing my physiotherapy and I quote his remarks: “Excellent surgery, I could not have performed a better job!”

Thank you Dr McGuire for a job well done!

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